Model for ontological frictions (cf @Floridi)


Many of the frictions that determine the ease/difficulty with which one can access personally identifiable information fall under the heading of technology.

Whilst technology accounts for many frictions, it certainly doesn’t cover all of them. So, I have been trying to think about how to encapsulate the various different frictions in a model.

Yesterday, I very tentatively posted a slide on twitter about the opposing forces of privacy invasive technologies versus privacy enhancing technologies, and one response was simply to say “brilliant”. I had been quite wary of posting the slide, because it only tells part of the story. Other aspects might include privacy by design and differential privacy.

My efforts to come up with a suitable model are only in their initial stages, and right now its very much a work in progress.

Thinking of the technology segment, the nitty gritty might cover things like

  • Encryption
  • Secure networks

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